Mattel is a creations company that inspires the wonder of childhood. We achieve this goal with creative and inspired employees who know that play matters. Play is integrated into everything we do and believe as a company. Our Vision, Strategies and Values help us know where we’re going and how to get there.

We make a promise to each employee that they’ll thrive, grow, balance, lead and dare in their work here.

  • We believe that we all THRIVE in a friendly and fast-paced environment.
  • We’re committed to helping you GROW through diverse learning opportunities.
  • We strive for BALANCE by working passionately and taking time to play often.
  • We’re proud of the way our employees LEAD by example as a result.
  • We want them to DARE to be innovative and imagine the future of play.

We really do believe in you and the potential of us, and here’s just a few examples of how we’re keeping that promise:

  • How do we Thrive?
    • Employees in Thailand thrive through employee recognition events where monks present merit awards.
    • American Girl’s “Playing it Forward” day was initiated through random acts of kindness.
    • A wellness/nutrition luncheon seminar is just one way Fisher-Price employees thrive.
  • How do we Grow?
    • Training courses and guest speakers in India allow employees to grow through developmental opportunities.
    • The annual Women’s Leadership Conference in El Segundo focuses on growth through inspirational stories, speakers and opportunities to network.
  • How do we Balance?
    • Programs and activities are designed to promote balance through wellness and physical activity at many of our locations, including aerobic sessions in Malaysia, soccer teams in Montoi, and a foosball tournament in Hong Kong.
    • Employees’ families are encouraged to join in the fun through Family Days in Brazil and China!
  • How do we Lead?
    • We lead through charitable actions such as a charity fun fair in Malaysia, a corporate relay race in Greece, and holiday gift-wrapping parties for children in need at many of our global locations.
    • Italy led sustainability efforts through an Electronic Waste Disposal Campaign for Earth Day.
  • How do we Dare?
    • Our employees dare by participating in innovation programs like the Making the Toy of the Future contest in Brazil, a Hot Wheels motorbike design contest in Malaysia, and submitting ideas to the Innovation Box in Italy.
    • Team Hot Wheels completed an exhilarating Double Loop Dare in El Segundo.

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